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Kontorplads til leje i Hellerup

8 - 600 m2 kontor, kontorfællesskab, klinik i Hellerup til leje

WEoffices - Cosy & Corporate

GOOD PEOPLE, GATHERED Welcome to WEoffices; the flexible officehotel and co-working space that thinks highly of you. You work with your passion. WE work with your balance, providing the personal and professional setting your efforts deserve. YES, YOU CAN JUDGE US BY THE LOOKS WEoffices wants to frame all the good stuff that makes you succeed in your working hours in an environment that does the same because WE know that the right surroundings are vital to your productivity. Located in the most attractive areas in Copenhagen, WE offer you a base that will pamper you while strengthening your business and impressing your network. SEE MORE AT [xxxxx]